Baby In Yellow

Babies are supposed to be cute and fun. But not this one! Prepare for a truly horrible nanny experience as you’re babysitting a very strange toddler who has some kind of a dark power and no control over it. Will you be able to survive?

When babysitting goes bad

The baby you’re trusted with is no ordinary child. He is dressed all in yellow, and he’s got a knack for setting things a little bit creepy! When he’s upset or scared, his demonic powers start to manifest in the most terrifying way. You’ll see furniture move and doors slam, curtains sway ominously although there is no draught and lights flickering like mad. A sight not every nanny’s nerves can take!

To set the kid free from his hellish curse, you have to find the talisman stored somewhere in the house and exorcise him. Get ready for a crazy race of babysitting duties and sneaky exploration as you try to locate the only thing that can save both you and the child!

You have to survive the weekend until the baby’s parents get home. Do you think you can do this? Plunge headlong into this thrilling horror adventure and see if you can find a key to get this poor toddle back to normal! Good luck, you’re gonna need it!

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