Super Bear Adventure 3

What harm can come out of honey? Think raising your sugar levels, making you fat? How about making you crazy? In Super Bear Adventure 3 you will reunite with our good old friend Baaren who needs to deal with those pesky bees and their poisonous honey concoction again, all while exploring scenic locations, solving tricky puzzles, playing gripping mini-games and fighting enemies that are both cute and brute!

Flip the bear tale to a new chapter!

So what exactly is waiting for you in the third chapter! Prepare to explore some brand new locations that will make your eyes pop! Aside from the old forests, meadows, lakes and deserts that were present in the previous version, you now have new places to visit and new discoveries to make.

And surely, that goes along with some mind-boggling plot twists! The story you thought you already knew might just take a whole unexpected turn, maybe even in a way you never anticipated. And even though the protagonist is someone we well know and love, and all of his friends are also here, they’re about to go through a new round of adventures and dangers that will make your head spin!

Meet new characters, cope with new dangers, have even more fun!

By the way, some new characters have also been added to the mix, as well as villains. We’ve got a whole parade of new critters that will give you a hard time. You’ll be fighting, befriending, and teaming up with all these creatures like a real bear diplomat!

And of course, how can we go without a bunch of new fancy hats? From disco-ball hats that make you the life of the party to space helmets that let you moonwalk like a bear astronaut, the options are really bonkers!

So gather your bear friends, gear up, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime in Super Bear Adventure 3! Are you ready to unleash the beast within and save the kingdom in style? If so, step up, give off that mighty bear roar and become the hero of the forest!

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