Only Up

Hold on tight, cause we’re about to reach for the skies! Get ready to join a pint-sized hero on a journey to touch the heavens as he climbs higher and higher, and the earth becomes just a blue beneath his feet. How high will you be able to get if you go Only Up?

Higher than the sky!

Meet our little protagonist – a spunky kid with big dreams and an even bigger imagination. He’s on a mission to ascend to the very stars, and nothing’s gonna stop him! But hold on a sec – there’s a twist. The skies aren’t just a stroll in the park. They’re like a fantastical wonderland filled with floating islands, springy clouds, and all varieties of insane contraptions that can be either your salvation or your doom!

Make your way upwards dodging wild obstacles and using the environment to your advantage. Swinging on ropes, leap from one platform to another, make reckless runs along shaky suspension bridges, hitch a ride on all kinds of aerial transport. Good reflexes and ability to think quick are an absolute must to succeed, cause this game has no checkpoints and saves! That’s right, all of your progress will be lost if you stumble and fall, and you’ll have to start over. So embrace your wildest dreams, put on your favorite sneakers and prepare for a voyage through the sky like no other! Only Up, kiddo, and may your feet never falter as you’re discovering new, even bluer and more fascinating horizons!

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