Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense

Get ready for the wackiest, most hilarious tower defense game ever featuring the star of the show, Skibidi Toilet! There’s gonna be a lot of fighting, a lot of dancing and a lot of singing. It’s like a party in the bathroom, and you’re the master of all things toilet-tastic!

Towers, toilets and Skibidi!

Do you think you can defend your bathroom from a horde of cheeky invaders who wanna mess up your precious throne? Fear not, cause you’ve got the ultimate defense – the Skibidi Toilet! It’s not just any old toilet! This baby’s got moves like Jagger and dance skills like a pro. As the enemies approach, your trusty Skibidi Toilet will start busting out some crazy dance moves that’ll have them shaking in their boots!

Or how about fighting a whole army of Skibidi Toilets rushing in on you, twisting their necks and singing Skibidi in choir? Hold on to your plungers, it’s gonna be wicked! Each level is a new bathroom-themed adventure that will make you feel like you overdosed on some weird mushrooms. Wave after wave, you need to discover a perfect WC strategy to win the war. Are you ready to defend your loo in the most epic toilet dance-off ever? Let’s go, bathroom warrior!

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