Garten Of Banban 5

Things are taking an even spookier turn in Garten of Banban 5! Put on your detective hat and dive into the spine-chilling world of this abandoned nursery school that can cover even the bravest, steadiest adults in ball-size goosebumps. Think you can crack this mystery? Let’s find out!

Your horror quest continues!

Once again you’re about to step into this dilapidated, dusty and creepy place that is crawling with puzzles and monsters. It’s like a real-life Scooby-Doo episode, only with a nimble little drone instead of your trusty canine sidekick!

The Garten of BanBan was once filled with laughter and giggles, but now it’s all creaky doors, flickering lights, and shadows that dance like mischievous ghosts. And you’re right to assume something is off here. As you wander through the building unlocking doors, cracking puzzles and collecting info, you’ll discover that the kindergarten is infested with evil toys!

The lovely creatures that used to be children’s best friends are now merciless killers prowling through the dimly lit halls and lurking in desolate bedrooms. Can you avoid their deadly clutches and find the missing kids? Start playing and enjoy the shivers!

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